Thursday, March 20, 2008

ALIA Education and Workforce Summit

I am extremely disappointed that the Pre-Summit meeting (evening of 27th March) has been cancelled due to a low response. It was scheduled to take place prior to the Education and Workforce Summit at SLV (28th March) and was open to all ALIA members.

This evening meeting would have provided a valuable opportunity for interested people to discuss issues relevant to the forum, which is an invitation only event.

Watch this space for feedback from the Summit - and in the interim, familiarise yourselves with the submissions received.

Happy Easter to all - have a safe and enjoyable break!

Cheers, Gail.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Vote early - Vote earnestly!

The ALIA ballot papers for the 2008 - 2010 term have been mailed and voting has begun for the Vice President and Director roles. The field of candidates is very impressive, with a diverse range of skills and attributes from which the ALIA membership can make a choice. For the first time, candidates have been invited to submit personal responses to a series of questions and provide candid opinions on a range of topical ALIA issues. This will ensure that the membership is more aware of the views, values and concerns of the candidate, and what each of us is aiming to achieve during the term of office.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

We Leapt into Leadership

What a hugely successful day the ALIA Leap into Leadership workshop and seminar at the State Library of Victoria turned out to be! Sue Hamilton, SLV Director - Communications and Publications, Learning and Public Library Relationships introduced the session and set the tone for the day and was followed by Joanne Duncan, the MLA for Macedon Ranges. Joanne opened proceedings, welcomed delegates and shared some personal stories of leadership. I particularly like some of the anecdotal advice that she has received and retained over the years, such as: "None of us is as smart as all of us"; "Take what you do seriously, but take yourself lightly" and "Feedback is the breakfast of champions". (Imagine if all of us walked that talk)!

The next session was led by Greg Cook, a well-respected consultant from the Centre for Leadership and Management, who has facilitated leadership training at SLV and various Victorian councils and public libraries.We discussed the subject of management v leadership (in summary it was decided that management competencies were the "outer game" of leadership) and then Greg introduced the audience to 6 leadership approaches that could assist in the identification of personal leadership styles.After the morning tea break, we heard personal reflections and experiences of leadership in the workplace from a panel comprising 3 industry leaders, Craig Anderson, Patti Manolis and Janette Wright. My faves from this session were: "Make ethics a guiding principle"; "Provide the vision and then get the hell out of the way" and "Seek to undertand".

After lunch attendees broke into smaller groups to explore leadership themes and workshop issues with a team of facilitators drawn from across the library and information sector.

The day was most enjoyable and I extend my congratulations to the Aurora Leadership Alumni and ALIA Vic for their involvement in the program, along with my gratitude for being able to participate as one of the afternoon's facilitators.

Cheers, Gail.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Welcome to the first edition of Gail Mail

Hi All,

In this first edition of Gail Mail, I'm reminding you of the forthcoming ALIA Board of Directors election, 2008. After many years participating in activities and events as a 'grass roots' ALIA member, I felt the time was right to stand as a candidate for the ALIA B.O.D.

In addition to the candidate information available on the ALIA website, these blogs will provide a forum for the posting of relevant and current information and responses to your questions, issues and concerns.

I look forward to sharing more thoughts, ideas and comments with you on a regular basis.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Too many logins and signons to remember

This exercise of updating my blog to coincide with my ALIA BOD nomination has proved far more time consuming than first thought.
As I haven't posted for some time, I couldn't remember my details - and that coupled with having to remember MySpace, Facebook, Friends Reunited and work related logins and passwords almost drove me bonkers!

My dear Systems Developer colleague, Kerrie, is mortified that I have opted to record them in my diary, rather than relying on the old grey matter. I'm finally up and running with a blog that is purpose built for work related and professional matters - and look forward to participating and reading your comments.